The AIREX™ Market is a frictionless and instant marketplace that unleashes selling and purchasing of financial applications, information, and reports

The AIREX™ Market takes the pain out of finding, acquiring, and using financial applications, information and reports. No more sales people, contract negotiations, or attorneys. No more managing multiple accounts and login credentials.

One Stop

Get access to a growing trove of Financial AIR™ – in one place.


Discover new products from suppliers that you didn't even know existed.


Now you can get products you couldn't afford or didn't even know existed.

Save Time

Find new Financial AIR™ in seconds – not hours, days, or weeks.

Save Money

Many products are available at a lower cost than buying direct.

Buy Only What You Need

Buy just the report or app you need, not an entire platform you don't use or want.

No Salespeople

No salespeople to hassle you or take your time.

Standard Agreements

So you don't waste your time and money negotiating with sellers.

No Attorneys

And that means no attorneys to pay for.

Whether you are an investor, a data or app provider, or an expert with services to offer, the AIREX™ Market is a disruptive force for buyers and sellers of financially actionable products to connect efficiently, instantly, and cost-effectively.


  • Discover what you don't know

  • Find new products — instantly

  • Access products you couldn't previously afford

  • Avoid salespeople and legal expense

  • Use a convenient single sign-on for all products


  • Monetize your existing products

  • Reach new markets cost-effectively

  • Generate new found revenues

  • Increase your profits

  • Create awareness in new markets and distribution channels

AMP Partners

  • Create your own co-branded marketplace

  • Monetize your existing users and website traffic

  • Offer millions of quality products to your users

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Measure and understand your customers

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