• Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of products do you sell on the AIREX™ Market? What is Financial AIR™?

Financial AIR stands for financially actionable Apps, Information and Reports. It includes everything that investors can use to do financial analysis and make investment decisions. In addition to market data, research, credit ratings, and other traditional financial information, it includes oil reserves, social media information, weather, traffic, prescription drug sales, pipeline construction, compensation information, counterparty risk, clinical trial information, bond reports, catastrophic loss, handbag sales, oceanographic data, and much more. It also includes the applications that can analyze, report, and visualize that information – from fat tail distribution analytics to portfolio accounting and rebalancing applications, from market data feeds to boutique research.

These are the kind of products that we – or, more accurately, our suppliers – sell on the AIREX Market.

What problems does the AIREX Market solve for investors and suppliers?

Distribution of financial information today uses the slow, inefficient, and expensive direct sales model. Products are priced artificially high to support that expensive direct sales model. This limits the number of buyers who can afford to buy those products, thereby constraining the target market of the supplier.

Also, the investor market is highly fragmented. It’s simply not physically possible to reach every potential buyer with a direct sales force.

Moreover, these are digital assets and products. They should be available in an efficient online marketplace.

The AIREX Market is the perfect solution to promptly and securely distribute, monetize, and access Financial AIR with no friction to the broad, diverse, and geographically dispersed investor market.

Who are the AIREX Market’s target customers?

As a public marketplace, the AIREX Market is available to all customers, from retail investors to RIAs, wealth advisors, family offices, asset managers, all the way up to global investment banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and corporations.

What are the benefits for suppliers?

  • Reach new markets and geographies, or markets you can’t reach cost-effectively today
  • Generate new revenues
  • Generate higher margins – the AIREX is less expensive than your direct sales force
  • No risk – listing your products is free
  • In addition to increasing revenue, the AIREX Market helps suppliers expand their customer base and enhance their brand awareness

What are the benefits for buyers/customers?

  • Access new products
  • Access products you couldn’t afford before
  • Access products you just didn’t know existed
  • Get immediate research results, reducing a process that takes hours, days, or even weeks today to one that takes seconds
  • Search and purchase products immediately, easily and conveniently
  • Get one-stop shopping – no salespeople, no contracts to negotiate, and no need to manage or pay attorneys
  • Have all your products available in one location in a convenient dashboard with a single sign-on – eliminate the need for multiple websites, IDs or passwords
  • For larger buyers, rationalize and reduce supplier relationships

What are the benefits to being a private label sponsor?

With a Private Label AIREX Market, you can offer to your customers, clients, and website traffic a large range of products from global leaders in financial services as well as smaller boutique firms. As a Private Label AIREX Market partner, you’ll receive:

  • Increased customer traffic and retention as customers return to use their products over and over again
  • Brand association with leading suppliers
  • Compelling competitive differentiation
  • Generate new revenues

Do you offer exclusivity?

No. The AIREX Market is an independent and supplier-agnostic marketplace. Our customers must be able to trust that we have an unbiased selection of products, not the result of a special deal we made with a supplier.

How will you generate traffic and sales in the AIREX Market?

We have four means of driving traffic to the AIREX Market and generating sales for your products:

  • Marketing: Airex is committed to robust marketing, including PR, AIRwaves™ Webinars, whitepapers, advertising, keyword buys, banner ads, co-marketing, conferences and more.
  • Supplier Marketing: Airex offers a number of marketing and co-marketing opportunities to our suppliers. These include joint press releases, AIRwaves™ Webinars, whitepapers, blogs, social media, and conferences.
  • Direct Sales: Airex has a world-class direct sales team with deep ties to Wall Street firms and other large institutional buyers. This helps you get visibility at the largest, hardest firms to crack. And when we talk, they listen – because we offer a wide range of products in a frictionless marketplace that helps them reduce procurement costs.
  • Private Label AIREX Markets: Airex partners with companies to offer their customers, clients, and website traffic turnkey, hosted, branded AIREX Markets selling millions of products. This gives our suppliers access to millions of buyers in prime brokers, custodians, investment banks, banks, retail brokerage firms, wealth management platforms, financial technology companies, corporates, consultancies, academic institutions, and more.

We already sell directly on the internet and don’t have a direct sales force. Why would I want to use the AIREX Market when it might actually increase my cost of sales compared to our own website?

First, like a physical shopping mall, the AIREX Market aggregates customers to a single place as they are drawn to a wide selection of compelling products. We drive traffic, and those customers will naturally discover your products while searching for products to purchase, even if they already have other products in mind. Second, in our online marketplace, customers often already have an account set up, so purchasing your product is as simple as the convenient click of a button.

Can we list a product that is a service or contains a consulting element?

We do allow this. The customer remains Airex’s customer as well and all revenues from that customer are subject to revenue sharing.

Who handles customer support?

Airex is committed to world class customer support. We support all issues related to the AIREX Market, including website operations and purchasing. To ensure the best customer support, our suppliers support their own products according to the terms of their own end user license agreement (EULA). If we receive specific supplier product support issues on the AIREX Market, we redirect them to suppliers via our web support platform (powered by ZenDesk).

How much does it cost to list products on the AIREX Market?

Nothing. It’s free.

How much does it cost to open a customer account and go shopping on the AIREX Market?

Nothing. It’s free.

Do you support free trials, one-time purchases, as well as subscriptions?

Absolutely. It’s highly flexible.

How do we integrate our products into the AIREX Market?

That depends on the type of products you have, but it can take as little as a few hours of a developer’s time.

Who sets the pricing and subscription terms of our products?

Our suppliers are solely responsible for establishing the pricing, commercial terms, licensing terms, fees and subscription policies (if any) for their products.

What is the digital rights policy for the products?

Our suppliers establish their own digital rights policies and include them on their end user license agreement.

Do you offer advertising on the AIREX Market?

Not yet. We will do that shortly.

How many suppliers and products are on the AIREX Market?

This number changes constantly, though there are over one million individual products that can be purchased on the AIREX Market today. Over time, we expect to have thousands of suppliers.

Who owns Airex, Inc.? Are there any of the big financial data companies who are shareholders?

Airex, Inc. is privately funded and closely held. We’re independent – Airex has no big financial data companies as shareholders or advisors.

What is the AIREX Market’s geographic target market?

As a cloud-based company, the AIREX Market serves the global market.