AIREX™ Market and Financial AIR™

The AIREX™ Market is the first and only cloud-based marketplace for buyers and sellers of financial apps, information, and reports (Financial AIR™).

Financial AIR includes everything that investors can use to do financial analysis and make investment decisions. In addition to traditional market data such as data feeds, research, bond reports, earnings estimates, counterparty risk, and so on, it also includes oil reserves, social media information, weather, traffic, prescription drug sales, pipeline construction, clinical trial information, catastrophic loss, handbag sales, oceanographic data, and more, plus all of their analytics, visualization, and reporting apps.

Financial AIR products on the AIREX Market are generally classified into three major types:

  • Apps: web- or desktop-based applications such as portfolio tracking tools or order management systems
  • Information: data-based products such as data feeds with structured or unstructured data such as historical pricing data or company fundamentals data
  • Reports: file-based products such as newsletters, media clips, or white papers

A Financial Products Portal

The AIREX Market is more than just a marketplace for financial apps, information, and reports. In addition to enabling customers to purchase the Financial AIR that they need to complete their analysis and make investment decisions, the AIREX Market also helps customers to manage those products, and their associated credentials, subscriptions, fees, and contracts.

Financial AIR Funnel

Through a customer’s AIREX Market Portal Page, customers have a single, convenient location through which they can use all of the financial products they depend on—all without the hassle of remembering passwords or access instructions. The AIREX Market literally puts their products a single click away:

AIREX Market Portal

Listing Your Product(s) on the AIREX Market

The AIREX Market was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. From browsing and purchasing products to managing subscriptions and utilizing those products, the learning curve for the AIREX Market is next to nothing.

That simplicity carries over to a supplier’s experience of listing products on the AIREX Market as well. No more multi-month and multi-year implementation projects to integrate your product with new services. Making products available for purchase on the AIREX Market can be completed in as little as a day with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Specify the commercial terms

    The AIREX Market supports a variety of pricing structures for the products listed: free, one time purchase, recurring subscriptions, and even trials—the AIREX Market gives suppliers the freedom to use their business and pricing models.

  2. Provide a description and licensing terms

    Want to include a sample of your product or a video tour in the listing? No problem! Have special licensing terms or end-user agreements that you would like customers to accept? We support it! The AIREX Market gives suppliers the chance to describe their products and it’s usage terms in their own words and assign categories and keywords to help customers search for and locate them easier.

  3. Connect the product(s) using the Product Integration API

    Leverage single sign-on authentication to automatically link your apps with the AIREX Market. Harness the power of deep search by indexing your data, reports, and files in our content management and distribution system. With industry standard practices for integration, security, and content management, AIREX Market’s Product Integration API makes it easy for suppliers to connect their products to the AIREX Market platform. AIREX Market’s Product Integration API is public and available for review on request.

Product Distribution Control

The marketplace for financial products can be a highly competitive arena. The AIREX Market helps suppliers to prevent and mitigate possible regulatory and competitive hurdles by giving a supplier the power to control who can see and purchase their products.

Suppliers will be able to curate which customers can view or purchase their products through the following criteria:

  • Organization: prevent customers from a specified set of organizations to view or purchase products
  • Customer Type: restrict products to specific customer types like hedge fund managers, institutional investors, etc.
  • Geography: prevent customers from specific countries or regions from viewing or purchasing your products

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