Airex™ Market provides access to premium investment research, analysis, data and apps to investment managers, analysts, traders and self-directed investors. Search our vast database comprised of some of the most sought after information and data, which until now was primarily offered to large enterprises, to help you compete in today's markets.

Airex is redefining how the world buys, sells, and consumes financial apps, information, and reports

The old model of selling these products door-to-door via a direct sales force is expensive, inefficient, time-consuming, and incapable of addressing market demand. It’s painful for both buyers and sellers, restricting access and opportunities.

Airex is changing that. The AIREX™ Market is a cost-efficient, frictionless, and immediate marketplace for what are, after all, digital products. They should be available in an online marketplace.

Our prestigious suppliers and partners have joined the revolution. Become part of it yourself.

Airex was founded in 2012 and is based in New York, NY.

Our Mission

Airex is committed to democratizing the world's financial apps, information, and reports, enabling suppliers and customers to cost-effectively conduct business through the AIREX™ Market.

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The AIREX Market™ offers an ever-growing list of financially actionable apps, information and reports - Financial AIR™.

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