Marketing and Customer Acquisition

The AIREX™ Market is the first and only, cloud-based marketplace for financial apps, information, and reports (Financial AIR™). For the suppliers of products listed on the AIREX Market, this means access to new markets and geographies that they could not previously reach cost-effectively and an increase in brand awareness, margins, and profitability.

To achieve those goals and increase visibility to a supplier’s products, Airex, Inc. utilizes 4 primary mechanisms for customer acquisition:

Airex Customer Acquisition Channels

AIREX™ Market Partner Program

The AIREX™ Market Partner (AMP) Program allows AIREX Market Partners to integrate an AIREX Market into their own website and desktop offerings to provide AIREX Markets to their own employees and/or customers.

AMP Partners include:

  • Corporations

  • Consultancies

  • Prime brokers

  • Custodians

  • Investment banks

  • Brokerage firms

  • Wealth management platforms

  • Fintech and OMS/OES companies

  • Exchanges

  • Fund administrators

  • Many others

For AIREX Market suppliers, the AMP Program provides potentially tens of millions of buyers for their products.

For our AMP Partners, the AMP Program gives our partners a scalable, FINRA™-sanctioned, and low-risk environment to generate revenues and open new sales channels for both their own products and third-party products listed on the AIREX Market.

AIREX Market Partners have access to the same set of products listed on the AIREX Market. This means that suppliers may have their products available on multiple marketplaces in varying industries, sectors, and geographies — all of which leads to increased visibility and potential customers for products in the AIREX Market catalog.

AMP Partners and our suppliers can select which AIREX Markets they want to participate in, maximizing market penetration while minimizing or even eliminating channel conflict.

Airex Direct Sales Program

Airex’s world-class direct sales team is made up of industry veterans with years of experience and deep ties to Wall Street firms and other large, institutional buyers. Airex’s direct sales model delivers global to our suppliers.

Supplier Co-Marketing Initiatives

To help you increase your market penetration, Airex offers a number of marketing initiatives. These initiatives are funded by the supplier and Airex on an as-agreed basis.

  • Press Releases

    Airex will work with you to draft and release the announcement of your listing on the AIREX Market. You can issue the press release, or we can do it jointly, via an extensive media network, targeted specifically at the financial and investor community. To bolster awareness, the press releases will also be featured on our Airex blog and website, as well as other popular social media channels. They will also be searchable content on the AIREX Market itself.

  • Conferences and Events

    Airex expects to actively participate in both your company’s and third-party market data and financial technology conferences to network and promote the AIREX Market and we will include our suppliers in third-party events.

  • Co-Branding

    Airex will leverage opportunities to co-brand with our various suppliers to reach a wider audience. Options include websites, corporate blogs, social media channels and marketing collateral in addition to the press releases and conferences and events mentioned above.

  • Social Media

    Airex will use social media channels — such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as more financially focused social media channels such as Seeking Alpha, StockTwits, and other popular finance blogs — to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate sale leads. Our strategy is to produce content on a regular basis that is timely and relevant, actively engage in constant communication with our key influencers with timely responses, and produce organic growth for the AIREX Market and your listed products.

  • Airex Blog

    The Airex Blog will feature the latest AIREX Market updates such as new product listings, new suppliers, and promotions. Airex will author blog entries on topics pertaining to financial analytics, data and information delivery–basically, anything that may appeal to our prospective customers. At any time, our suppliers are welcome to post relevant guest entries on our blog.

  • AIRwaves™ Webinars

    AIRwaves are ~30-minute webinars that focus on interesting and innovative topics in the financial services and technology sector. AIRwaves will feature on a monthly basis as a series and will be accessible on our website, blog, and our key social media channels. Suppliers are encouraged to work with Airex to produce AIRwaves segments highlighting their products and strategies for the AIREX Market.

  • Whitepapers

    Your whitepapers provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your products. They serve as an educational and informative resource for the wider investor community, helping to position you as a trusted thought leader.

  • Customized Marketing Programs

    The customized marketing program offers suppliers a unique opportunity to collaborate with Airex to implement a tailor made marketing program suitable to their needs. Suppliers are encouraged to work creatively with Airex’s marketing team to coordinate a marketing campaign that will help promote their product(s) and brand name.

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